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#1 Online Tutoring Program for the ASVAB Exam



Our ASVAB Courses

ASVAB Prep Tutors provides the most comprehensive courses related to ASVAB in the industry. Our organization has spent numerous hours developing and constantly updating courses to ensure that all students are exposed to the most recent information seen on the exam. Working with the ASVAB exams every day, our team has gained good experiences of how exam questions are written and how content is delivered. Moreover, we have a deeper commitment to our students to ensuring they are successful. This unparalleled commitment is demonstrated in the numerous benefits and features included in our courses.

Studying for the ASVAB exam can be stressful as the test covers multiple different subject areas and many topics within each of the subject areas. Luckily, EZ ASVAB Tutoring Services offer top prep courses to support students in succeeding on the ASVAB. By spending every day helping students with the ASVAB exam, we have gained extensive knowledge related to exam questions and content knowledge related to the real exam. With so much content on the ASVAB exam, enrolling in an ASVAB class is a valuable investment that will pay off immediately.

Why our ASVAB classes are the best in the industry?

ASVAB Classes include diagnostic assessment sessions

  • You have to know where you stand with respect to all the ASVAB content that is tested on the actual exam. So, in our ASVAB course, we start with an assessment session to gain content knowledge levels. Having this baseline data allows us to monitor your progress throughout the ASVAB course. Moreover, the content diagnostic assessment session allows our ASVAB tutors to develop an ASVAB class outline aligned with your needs. You want to maximize your studying time and effort while maximizing your points, so understanding strong and weak areas allows us to tailor classes to your needs.

ASVAB Courses includes personalized study plans

  • All test-takers are busy with personal life, work-life, and family life. So much goes on in life that you don’t always have so much time for studying. Therefore, every student needs a detailed, personalized study plan that evolves around his or her life and schedule. In our ASVAB course, we develop a study plan that maximizes increasing points on your weak areas. Our ASVAB classes are personalized to your needs, so your studying is going to be focused, concise, and effective, factors that contribute to high ASVAB scores.

ASVAB Classes provide one-on-one instruction

  • Our organized ASVAB course includes everything you need to succeed, but we also provide one-on-one online tutoring with a certified ASVAB tutor. If you are seeking an ASVAB class, you are struggling in certain areas of the exam, so you want personalized instruction to help you grasp key concepts. When you sign up for our ASVAB classes, you are guaranteed to have a certified ASVAB expert to help you learn concepts, answer questions, and acquire strategies. Moreover, the tutors will answer any and all questions you may have regarding the exam in the course.

ASVAB Courses help build confidence

  • Success comes from knowing content knowledge when taking standardized exams, but success is also linked to confidence and feeling good about taking the test. If you are an ASVAB repeat test-taker, you lose confidence in not getting the scores you wanted. Moreover, there is added pressure to increase your ASVAB scores to achieve your goals and career aspiration. Our ASVAB classes provide you with test strategies, content knowledge, and practice questions, everything you need to increase your confidence building.

ASVAB Classes help you with weak area development

  • Our ASVAB prep courses are success-driven as we put a lot of emphasis on developing weak areas. We cover content related to weak areas along with doing many practice questions to ensure you have the competencies associated with your weak areas. We conduct initial assessment sessions to understand what are the weak areas, and we monitor those weak areas throughout the course. Our ASVAB tutors are with you every step of the way to ensure you progress upward related to your weak areas.

ASVAN Courses offers email tutoring support

  • We are one of very few ASVAB prep courses that provide the personal email address of tutors for you to communicate with the tutor throughout the course. When you are reading content or doing practice questions on your own, you might be confused and have questions. Instead of waiting for your tutoring session, you have the direct contact information of your tutor to engage via email. We allow students to engage with tutors throughout the ASVAB prep course as we don’t want our students to feel as if there are on their own. You want a prep course that keeps you connected with your tutor all the time, and we allow that with email tutoring support.

​ASVAB Courses with dedicated tutors who work to ensure your understanding

  • Our ASVAB tutors do not give up until you fully understand the content and exam questions. Every student learns differently, so some students might learn with different techniques and approaches, and our tutors will work with you in understanding all concepts and questions. The courses we offer are instructed by leading ASVAB experts, who will work with you until you demonstrate understanding. Not only that, the tutors will assess you to confirm understanding. We don’t give up until you fully comprehend all concepts and questions.

ASVAB Classes with a flexible tutoring schedule

  • Life is busy. Too much happens in life with work, school, and/or job, so our ASVAB prep courses work around your busy schedule. For one-on-one tutoring sessions, we work around your schedule. You pick the day and time of sessions. If something comes up and you can’t meet for your session, you can contact the service and reschedule. Not only are we flexible with scheduling, but we also allow you to reschedule without any penalties. You can do ASVAB tutoring sessions in the early morning hours or evening hours, or weekends and our tutors will be available to support you. 

ASVAB courses offer content aligned to the actual test  

  • As you study for the ASVAB, you want to focus on content that will actually be tested, and our test prep course offers exactly just that. With over 10 years of experience in helping students pass ASVAB, we know the content that is delivered on the test. We have the real exam content offered by the Department of Defense to ensure the information we provide in our classes is 100% tailored to the real exam. You don’t want to study a lot of content, which most prep books and programs offer; you want content that is directly focused on that of the exam. We have that most accurate and updated information as we engage with students every day regarding the ASVAB exam.

ASVAB classes offer practice tests questions aligned to the ASVAB

  • There are so many practice questions that you can find online and many more in books, but as a test-taker, you want practice questions that are authentic and resemble the real exam. When we deliver exam questions, our priority is high quality, which means the question is similar to the real exam and focuses on the content tested. Our ASVAB practice questions are the best as tutors, and exam writers have spent years helping students do well on ASVAB; we have gained insights into real exam questions. Moreover, we survey students who take the ASVAB and conduct extensive research, giving us the most advantage in providing high-quality ASVAB exam questions in our prep course.

ASVAB courses provide test-taking strategies and techniques

  • Our ASVAB prep courses provide strategies on how to study, such as how to memorize information, effectively use flashcards, how to review content, ways to stay focused, and much more. Moreover, we provide detailed test-taking strategies, such as keyword identification and deciding between two close answers. On top of all that, in our ASVAB prep course, we provide a systematic approach to answering questions. Knowing specific test-taking strategies and techniques can come a long way for you to achieve a high score on the ASVAB exam.

ASVAB classes help you with time management skills

  • You don’t get a lot of time to answer questions on the ASVAB, so you have to be quick. In our ASVAB prep course, we provide strategies on how to manage time effectively during the exam. On the Mathematical Knowledge section, you get 20 minutes to answer 16 questions, and one the Paragraph Comprehension section, you get 22 minutes to answer 11 questions. That is not a lot of time, so you have to know ways to manage your time to answer questions correctly. We not only teach you ways to manage time effectively in the tutoring course, but we also have you practice those skills to ensure you are well ready on the exam day.

ASVAB courses that monitor students’ progress  

  • In our ASVAB course, our philosophy in monitoring progress is taking the old-school approach. We have an actual real human look over the course work you do and monitor your progress instead of having a computer program do that job. We have been around for years, so our approach in having someone look over your work and provide personalized, detailed feedback on progress has been paramount to student success. Most companies nowadays rely heavily on computers; they don’t give detailed feedback. In our ASVAB prep classes, tutors and managers monitor your progress to ensure you learn the necessary content to get your high score on the exam.

ASVAB courses instructed by leading experts in the industry

  • ASVAB is a different exam; it is not like any other exam taken during high school or college level. You have word knowledge, mechanical comprehension, electronic information, arithmetic reasoning, etc. You have a lot of sections on the exam, but you also have unique questions that you see on the exam. So, you want a tutor who has deep knowledge of the ASVAB exam to support you in a prep course. Our tutoring courses give you the best experts to help you do well on the exam. Many companies out there allow anyone to be a tutor and support many exams just look at Wyzant and Mile Smart Tutoring. However, at EZ ASVAB Tutoring Services, we have dedicated our lives to ASVAB, and in our ASVAB test prep course, you get a certified expert to help you get the scores you need.

ASVAB classes that the most organized prep courses

  • The ASVAB exam has 10 sections (arithmetic reasoning, assembling objects, paragraph comprehension, word knowledge, mechanical comprehension, mathematical knowledge, auto information, shop information, electronic information, and general science), so you need a course that presents information in an organized manner. Our program is designed to make your studying easy, and that is done via providing information, topics, and questions in an organized manner. You don’t want to be bombarded with information from all over the place; you want your studying to be focused and targeted, and we provide that by organization information by sections in our test prep course.

EZ ASVAB Tutoring Services provides the best online tutoring courses to help you get your scores for the ASVAB. Our ASVAB courses include more benefits than any other program, and our depth of knowledge related to ASVAB is incomparable. Our track record of success is the best in the industry:

  • Completed countless hours of live online tutoring and research and development for JUST the ASVAB Exams.

  • Maintained the highest passing rate program with our 8 weeks tutoring classes in the country.

  • Ranked the top ASVAB courses aligned to the real exam by students, colleges, schools, and parents.

Let’s recap what is included in our ASVAB prep courses.

  • ASVAB courses include diagnostic test and assessment sessions.

  • ASVAB courses provide in-class quizzes aligned to the real test.

  • ASVAB courses monitor progress every step of the way.

  • ASVAB courses include live one-on-one online chat tutoring sessions.

  • ASVAB courses offer real exam questions aligned to the actual test.

  • ASVAB courses give homework assignments to keep you engaged.

  • ASVAB courses allow you to email your tutor anytime.

  • ASVAB courses explain strategies and techniques found nowhere else.

  • ASVAB courses deliver content and questions easy to understand.

What else do you need? Everything you need to get your scores is included in our ASVAB prep courses, which is why we are ranked best by parents and students.

EZ ASVAB Tutoring Services is focused on providing comprehensive content exam courses aligned to what is seen on the actual ASVAB exam. Our prep courses achieve results with #1 online ASVAB services and a dedication to getting students to achieve high scores. With years of experience in delivering services online, we have developed the following services:

  • General Science ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Arithmetic Reasoning ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Assembling Objects ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Paragraph Comprehension ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Word Knowledge ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Mechanical Comprehension ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Mathematical Knowledge ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Auto Information ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Shop Information ASVAB Prep Courses

  • Electronic Information ASVAB Prep Courses

General Science ASVAB Prep Classes

Our General Science ASVAB classes focus on topics and questions seen on the exam written by the Department of Defense. The General Science section goes into biology, chemistry, and physical science subject areas, so there is a lot of content to cover. However, our courses focus on content directly related to the real test. Some of the topics and questions covered in the course include:

  • botany

  • zoology

  • anatomy and physiology

  • ecology

  • astronomy

  • geology

  • meteorology

  • oceanography

  • force and motion mechanics

  • energy

  • fluids

  • atomic structure

  • chemistry

Arithmetic Reasoning ASVAB Prep Classes

The ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning section is difficult for many students as math is challenging. Our approach at the tutoring program is not to teach you all of the math, as that is not a realistic approach. Many programs teach you all the skills you need for the math exam, but that approach will not work. Math skills are developed over time, so expecting to learn math in a few months is not a realistic and smart approach. In our ASVAB prep course for the arithmetic reasoning section, we focus on ASVAB-related math questions. We focus on questions that are likely to be seen on the exam. We teach you the math and process to solve those questions, so when you see something similar, you know the approach to take to solve the math problem. Some of the word problems covered in the course involve:

  • single-step word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  • multistep word problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

  • choosing the correct order of operations

  • operations with whole numbers

  • operations with rational numbers

  • ratio and proportion

  • interest

  • percentage

  • measurement

  • mathematics comprehension

  • logical thinking


Paragraph Comprehension ASVAB Prep Classes

To be successful in the paragraph comprehension section of the ASVAB, you need to know strategies. In our ASVAB course, we teach you how to manage your time while reading and also strategies to answer different types of questions. Moreover, the best way to position yourself to do well on the paragraph comprehension section is to do a lot of reading practice, and in our ASVAB course, we deliberate offer that as we know how critical practice is for the paragraph comprehension section. In the tutoring course, we do reading practice related to the following skills:

  • obtaining information from written material

  • identifying stated and reworded facts

  • determining a sequence of events

  • drawing conclusions

  • identifying main ideas

  • determining the author's purpose and tone

  • identifying style and technique.

Mathematics Knowledge ASVAB Prep Classes

Mathematics Knowledge section of the ASVAB covers basic math operation skills, and in our course, we teach you those skills. In addition, we do a lot of practice to ensure you have successfully mastered the skills. Nowadays, students lack basic calculations skills as most times students have a calculator on the phone; there is not much focus on developing basic math skills as a calculator is around students most of the time. However, the ASVAB exam does not allow a calculator, so this is a huge struggle for students. We have been around before the popularity of Smart Phones and the advanced technology that exists today, so we know how to teach basic skills in a time-efficient manner for students to be successful on the ASVAB exam. In our ASVAB courses, some of the topics we cover include:

  • mathematical concepts

  • applications

  • algorithms

  • number theory

  • numeration

  • algebraic operations

  • equations

  • geometry

  • measurement

  • probability

Electronic Information ASVAB Prep Classes

EZ ASVAB Tutoring Services offer comprehensive content courses aligned to the Electronics Information test on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. In order to be successful in this section, you have to have content knowledge related to electricity principles and electronic devices. In addition, you need to be able to apply and use some of the basic formulas, such as Ohm’s law and Power formula. Knowing the electronic information content and using formulas will ensure your success on the ASVAB Electronics Information section. We have developed courses that cover everything you need to be successful in Electronics Information. Some of the topics covered include:

  • atom

  • electron flow theory

  • voltage

  • current

  • resistance

  • ohm’s law

  • units

  • motor

  • transistors

  • magnets

  • electrical power

  • basic circuits

  • electrical components



Auto Information ASVAB Prep Course

Auto Information section of the ASVAB exam is a very specialized subject area. This section of the test assesses students’ knowledge of automotive systems and repairs. Our ASVAB courses give students the necessary knowledge to be successful in the Auto Information section. We use visuals to help students understand the different systems and associated operations. Some of the topics covered in the Auto Information ASVAB course include:

  • automotive systems

  • basic engine theory

  • cylinder arrangement

  • camshaft location

  • multiple-valve cylinder heads

  • firing order

  • diesel engines

  • engine operating conditions

  • cooling system

  • lubrication system

  • fuel system

  • ignition system

  • exhaust system

  • electrical system

  • computer system

  • drive train system

  • suspension and steering system

  • brake systems

Shop Information ASVAB Prep Classes

Shop Information section of the ASVAB exam is a specialized subject area covered on the test that assesses students' knowledge of various shop tools and fasteners. Our ASVAB courses target information directly tested on the exam, and we use graphics to help students understand the function of different tools and instruments. Some of the topics covered in the Shop Information ASVAB course include:

  • wrenches

  • sockets

  • screwdrivers

  • hammers

  • chisels

  • punches

  • drifts

  • saws

  • drilling tools

  • boring tools

  • pliers

  • soldering tools

  • measuring instruments

  • fasteners

  • welding tools

Mechanical Comprehension ASVAB Prep Course

Mechanical Comprehension section of the ASVAB exam falls under the science and technical category, so it focuses on content knowledge and application. In our ASVAB courses, we cover both aspects by delivering content that is related to what you see on the actual test. In addition, we do application questions that require you to use the knowledge. Our ASVAB courses provide complete knowledge related to the mechanical comprehension section, and some of the topics covered include:

  • simple machines

  • compound machines

  • mechanical motion

  • fluid dynamics.

  • force

  • weight

  • friction

  • tension

  • work

  • kinetic energy

  • gravitational potential energy

  • power

  • simple machines

  • hydraulics

Word Knowledge ASVAB Prep Course

A lot of students struggle with the word knowledge section of the ASVAB exam. There are so many words out there that you will never know all of the words. Our success with Word Knowledge comes from knowing the words that are tested on the exam. Many study guides and prep programs throw so many words; some words are too advanced and won’t even be on the exam. Because we have experience with ASVAB, we only review words that we know have been on the exam, so that increases the chances of you doing well. Moreover, we teach you some common prefixes and suffixes to help you in finding the meaning of words you do not know.

EZ ASVAB Tutoring Courses vs. Wyzant Tutoring

  • Wyzant is a large company providing tutoring for nearly all subjects and exams. The tutors are not specialists in providing support for ASVAB; they do not provide organized homework and content knowledge. EZ ASVAB Courses include tutors who are extremely knowledgeable about the ASVAB exam.


  • Tutors at Wyzant are independent contractors; no oversight exists to ensure that the materials and content being exposed during tutoring sessions align to ASVAB. Very easy to set up a profile and start tutoring for ASVAB. With ASVAB tutoring courses, our team is involved in ensuring the tutoring process is effective and aligned to the ASVAB.

EZ ASVAB Tutoring Courses vs. Miles Smart Tutoring

  • Miles Smart Tutoring provides tutoring help for many exams and subjects, so this program is not dedicated to ASVAB. At the EZ ASVAB tutoring site, we are focused on helping students with ASVAB.

  • There is no indication that Miles Smart Tutoring conducts research and development on ASVAB, so you don’t get updated exam content and questions. Plus, they do so many exams, so you don’t know if your tutor also is tutoring for other areas. At EZ ASVAB Tutoring, tutors work every day with students needing to pass ASVAB, so we keep updated with recent topics, content, and questions.


What is included in our ASVAB courses?


Our tutoring program provides classes that cover everything an individual needs to pass the ASVAB. The following are included in the ASVAB course:

  • Diagnostic Test/Assessment Session

  • In-Class Quizzes

  • Progress Reports

  • Sessions With Practice Questions

  • Homework Assignments

  • Content Aligned to the Exam

  • Email Tutoring

  • Course Syllabus/Curriculum Based on Diagnostic Test

  • Similar Exam Questions

  • Weekly Online Tutoring Sessions

​​What strategies are covered in the course?


Our tutoring courses include strategies that are found nowhere else. During the tutoring course, the tutors will engage in different strategies to approach different types of questions. Many of these strategies are not found in other books or test preparation courses. These strategies were developed based on over 10 years of supporting students with the ASVAB Exam. Some of the strategies discussed in the course include:

  • Study Strategies

  • Test Taking Strategies

  • Reducing Anxiety Strategies

  • Guessing Strategies

  • Strategies To Decide Between Two Answers

  • Strategies for Dissecting Questions

  • Calculation Approach

We are committed to providing high quality help!!!

Our Success Driven Approach In Helping You Pass ASVAB

Comprehensive ASVAB Assessment Session

Each student who signs up for our ASVAB course will have an assessment session in which we learn about the student’s current level related to the knowledge tested on the ASVAB. Starting a course examining a weak area is a sign that the course will be personalized to the student’s needs. In the first session, the ASVAB tutor will review test-taking tips and study tips to utilize for the rest of the course. Moreover, our courses include a comprehensive study plan that is agreed upon by the student, ASVAB tutor, and ASVAB academic counselor.

Focus on Real Content and Weak Areas

We are the leading ASVAB experts in the industry, and we focus on helping students study the content and questions that appear on the actual exam. When taking a standardized exam that covers multiple subject areas, the key to success is reviewing content that is aligned to the exam. In addition to exposing you to good exam content and questions, the tutoring course focuses on developing your weak areas. Because our courses are instructed by certified ASVAB tutors, the tutors will convey information and content seen on previous exams.

Tracking Tools

In our ASVAB prep courses, we track progress to ensure that you get the scores you need. We establish baseline data and track progression from there, and no other company will undertake that much effort to gather so much baseline data. We share with students periodically the progression and path forward. Tracking tools are based on all subject areas of the exam (arithmetic reasoning, assembling objects, paragraph comprehension, word knowledge, mechanical comprehension, mathematical knowledge, auto information, shop information, electronic information, and general science).

Diving Deep into Questions and Test Tips

If you have taken ASVAB before, you most likely have done tons of practice exam questions and practice tests; these questions might have helped to an extent. However, no one knows exactly what exam questions will be on the test, so we help students learn ASVAB test-taking strategies and content. This allows the students to dive deeper into questions to increase their chances of getting the correct answers. In the tutoring course, tutors will dissect the entire ASVAB exam question and put it back together.

Experience Found Nowhere Else


If you need help with anything else, go elsewhere, but our ASVAB course is the solution if you need help with ASVAB. We have the most experienced ASVAB experts in the nation, helping lead online tutoring courses. Our ASVAB will explain to you techniques and the DOs and DON’Ts of the ASVAB. Our tutors will make sure you have confidence in all your weak areas before you take your ASVAB.

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