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Helping Students Reach Their Aspirations



Statement by Jake M. – NY

I have my schedule set for MEPS next week and will take my ASVAB, I just wanted to thank you for all the time you put in helping me with the arithmetic reasoning. I am very very confident that I will do well next week. I just wanted to thank you as it means a lot to me. I will keep you posted on how I do.

Statement by Maria G. – TX


I took the ASVAB and I got a 40! I needed a 35 for the Nacy. Thank you so much for all of your help, I truly appreciate it!


Statement by Melissa S. – SC


Mathew was my tutor, and we focused on paragraph comprehension and work knowledge. I took the test 4 times before and I was getting in the low 20s. I needed at least a 36, so I knew I had to get the 8 weeks course. After working with Mathew for 2 months, I took the ASVAB and I did very well to where I was able to enlist in the

Army. This program is well worth it.

Statement by Rodney C. – IL


Here is my testimony.

I am happy that I passed the test. These people know the asvab, so I recommend anyone struggling to take this program. I really liked how this program is very flexible with schedule. I signed up for Varsity Tutors and they could not work with my busy schedule. Thanks


Statement by Chad B. – MO

Your service was helpful in helping me on the mechanical comprehension section. The study materials given to me were is what I saw on the exam. I needed a high score in MC as I was looking to get into a certain job, and my tutor was very helpful in explaining the technical concepts. Thank you so much for all the support. 


Statement by Cobie G. – DC


I just got back from MEPS, and I did get a 45 on my AFQT. I have now put this ASVAB behind me, and that is because of you. Thank you so much.


Statement by Ronnie P. – CA

Hello! My name is Ronnie and I took 8 weeks of tutoring to help me pass ASVAB. My focus was on the reading and math as I never was good in these sections and I have a learning disability. All I needed was a 40 to get into the Coast Guard but I got a 50 overall. My parents are very happy about this and we just want to say thank you.


Statement by Jon G.


My recruiter told me about this program. I signed up for the 2 weeks program as the other programs were expensive. I completed the 2 weeks program and got 10 extra points. I still did not meet the requirement of at least 50 that I needed. My original score was a 12. Getting 10 points with 2 weeks was a big deal. I told my parents about the program and improvement, and my parents paid for the 8 weeks course. I worked with Kevin again and I am pleased to report I got well above 50.


Statement by Skye D. – GA


Hey, I passed the ASVAB with a 66. Thank you  


Statement by Aaron E. – OH


What I liked about this program is that they provided a lot of support and a lot of resources. The tutors did know what was on the exam. I can tell just but the online interaction that these people are very committed to caring about me passing.


Statement by Edgar G. – FL


I took ASVAB 2 times before I did this program. My paragraph comprehension was very low. I spent 4 weeks working with Kevin on paragraph comprehension. He told me strategies and we did 100s of practice together. I took the test last week and I improved significantly in the paragraph comprehension to where I got the score needed to entire the air force.


Statement by Logan M. – CA


I have good news. I got a 64 on the ASVAB, and I wanted to let you know.


Statement by Phil D. – AK


I studied a lot of stuff before I did this tutoring program. I did the cliff notes and mometrix book. I even spent time with an in-person tutor, who did not know ASVAB. I needed 20 more points to get into the marine corps. I did not know what to do to get those points. My brother told me that his friend passed with this program, so I signed up too. I was not super excited or hopeful while doing the tutoring program; I felt it was not as much as I would get with what I paid. However, after taking my ASVAB and getting a score of 40 I was very excited. I only needed a 35 to get into the marine corps.


Statement by Thalya P. – ID


Thank you for helping my son pass ASVAB. This means a lot as he has spent years trying to pass this exam. Thank you so much.

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